We up-cycled a vintage woolen blanket to create this fun wreath for the holiday season.

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You will need:
thin pure wool vintage blanket (lightweight is best)
wool dyes in your choice of contrasting colors
8-ply wool
round vintage farmers sieve
hot glue gun
fresh pine

  1. Cut o any fringe from blanket edge, then wash the blanket in hot water in a washing machine (this is meant to shrink the blanket).
  2. Dry the blanket in the dryer on the hottest setting.
  3. Cut the wool in 2–3 larger sections, depending on how many colors you want to have. We used blue, green, and teal dyes.
  4. Use a wool-approved dye, follow packet directions.
  5. Immerse the entire piece of wool in chosen dye liquid, squeeze out excess, and allow to dry naturally.
  6. Cut wool into 1⁄2” thick strips (the longer the better). You will need at least 10’–12’ in total for each pom pom.
  7. Draw a 41⁄2”-diameter circle onto cardboard, cut out using scissors.
  8. Use as a template and cut out another of the same.
  9. Draw a 2” circle in the center of each and cut out to resemble donuts.
  10. Place the circles together.
  11. The idea now is to wind the wool around the circles.
  12. Cut the wool into manageable lengths, perhaps about 4’ at a time.
  13. Hold 1 end on the outside of the circle and feed the other end through the hole, round the back. and through the front again.
  14. Repeat this, working your way around the circle until all the cardboard is covered.
  15. As you use additional lengths, you don’t need to tie them together, just make sure the ends are on the outside, not in the middle.
  16. The next step is the trickiest. Once cardboard circles are full, cut the wool around the edges (i.e. the scissor blade should eventually pass between the 2 pieces of cardboard as you are cutting.) You won’t be able to cut it all in 1 go, so just do a few layers at a time.
  17. Pass a length of wool between the 2 pieces of cardboard, around all the pieces of wool, and tie it firmly together.
  18. Slip the cardboard rings off.
  19. Trim any lengths of wool that are uneven to give your pom poms a tidy look.
  20. Repeat, making as many pom poms as you need to fill the outer edge of your farmers sieve.
  21. Use a hot glue gun to attached pom poms to inner edge of sieve.
  22. Hang on your door and decorate with fresh pine.


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