Julie Taboulie shares her favorite flavors for a fresh, bright Lebanese-style summer lunch.

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My love of lemons is no secret. It is one of my favorite ingredients to cook with and many of my recipes feature the tart and taste of this freshly squeezed juice. So, it’s no surprise that I would create a refreshment that is completely devoted to this bright yellow citrus star. My Lebanese-style lemonade is spiked with orange blossom water called mazaher, sweetened with orange blossom honey, and then topped off with some bubbly, making for a sparkling spirit you can sip all summer long.


2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 tablespoon orange blossom water
3 tablespoons orange blossom honey or clover honey, plus more to taste
1 bottle sparking wine or sparkling water, chilled
1 small bunch fresh mint sprigs, for serving
1 lemon, sliced into rounds, for serving

  1. Pour the fresh lemon juice in a glass pitcher, add the orange blossom water and honey, and thoroughly stir together.
  2. Transfer the lemon mixture equally into the bottom half of 6 tall glasses, pour sparkling wine or sparkling water over the mixture in each glass, finish with fresh mint sprigs and slices of lemon, and serve immediately.


Taboulie Tip! You can make the lemonade mixture ahead and keep in the refrigerator to chill. Then pour your sparkling beverage of choice over the mixture, add the fresh mint sprigs and lemon slices, and serve cold.

Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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