These tiny little worlds fit inside the lid of a mason jar!

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You will need:

Mason jar lids



Hot glue

Bumpy pipe cleaners 

Miniature animals

Glass discs the size of a mason jar lid

  1. Buy glass discs the size of mason jar lids (2 1/2 inch for small, 3 1/4 inch for widemouth). I purchased mine from Etsy, but you could cut yourself or ask at your local glass store.
  2. Hot glue the glass disks into the inside lip of each metal screw lid.
  3. Use the metal seal lid to trace circles onto your foam.
  4. Cut out hills of white foam and a blue sky and hot glue the layers together.
  5. Cut pipe cleaners into little trees and hot glue them onto your hills.
  6. Add a mini animal and hot glue him in place.
  7. Insert the foam diorama into the mason jar lid and seal it in place form the back with hot glue.
  8. Set on your table to display, or you cold eve glue on a loop of string and hang them on the tree!


Photography by Paul "Sweet Paul" Lowe craft by Paul Vitale

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