Posta cartagenera over titoté coconut rice, is “the most traditional dish we have,” says Luis Otoya. “If you have someone over to your house to celebrate anything, that’s what you would normally give that person.”

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Serves 4+

You will need:

For the Posta Cartagenera:
1 small top sirloin
4 tablespoons oil
2 red onions
4 tablespoons Dijon mustard
1 bottle red wine
salt and pepper, to taste

For the Titoté Coconut Rice:
1 coconut, just the meat
1 tablespoons sugar
1 cup Carolina rice
1 tablespoon butter
salt, to taste

  1. In a pot with a fitted lid, heat oil over medium high heat and sear the top sirloin on all sides. It is important to sear very well.
  2. Add onion, mustard and wine.
  3. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Over medium heat, cook with the lid on for 11⁄2 hours.
  5. Remove meat and allow to cool slightly.
  6. Process and strain the sauce.
  7. Cut meat into thin slices.
  8. Make the rice: Blend coconut meat and warm water in order to extract natural and fresh coconut milk.
  9. With a strainer, extract some coconut milk. Place in a pot.
  10. Do the same process with the already grinded coconut to get a second extraction. Set aside.
  11. Add sugar and cook down over medium heat. Allow mixture to reduce completely until the oil separates. This coconut oil will “fry” the coconut milk, creating titoté.
  12. Add 2 cups of second milk extraction. Mix very well until everything is dissolved in the water.
  13. Add the carolina rice and bring to a boil.
  14. When water has evaporated and you see small holes on top of the rice, lower the stove to minimum, add butter, and cover for 20 minutes until cooked.


Photography by Styling by Matthew Robbins + Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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