Each day of December we'll be sharing a simple yet elegant Holiday craft project or recipe!


Day 23: Wreath of Memories

Day 22: Light Bulb Snowmen

Day 21: Antipasto Wreath

Day 20: Vintage Sweater Stockings

Day 19: Cookie Gift Boxes

Day 18: Salmon Gravlax

Day 17: Moss Angel Wings

Day 16: Giftwrap from Old Family Photos

Day 15: Snowman Eggnog Bowl

Day 14: Stacked Paper Tree

Day 13: Upcycled Book Ornament

Day 12: Ornament Display Tree

Day 11: Jam Jar Snowglobes

Day 10: Glitter Acorns

Day 9: Hand Drawn Christmas Tree

Day 8: Peanut Snowmen

Day 7: Chocolate Bark

Day 6: Crêpe Paper Roses

Day 5: Glitter Notecards

Day 4: Giftable S'mores

Day 3: Ombre Notecards

Day 2: Chocolate Filled Raspberries

Day 1: Glitter Bulbs