This year's countdown is chocked full of festive fun!


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Day 1: Santa Toppers

Day 2: Sock Bunny

Day 3: Indigo Linen Holiday Leaf

Day 4: Tobelrone Candy Bar Shortbread Recipe

Day 5: Dip-Dyed Cotton Twine Tassels

Day 6: Hat Box Dollhouse

Day 7: Cardamom Coffee Bread Wreath

Day 8: iPad/tablet Case from an Old Sweater

Day 9: Jam Tarts - Holiday Cookies from Finland

Day 10: Amaretto Truffles 3 Ways

Day 11: QUICK Pain au Chocolate

Day 12: Safari Gift Tags with Printables

Day 13: DIY Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats

Day 14: Breakfast Pizza Recipe

Day 15: Santa Lucia Day Celebration

Day 16: Typewriter Key Necklace DIY

Day 17: Norwegian Krumkaker Cookie Recipe

Day 18: Ice Ornament How-To

Day 19: Wooden Spool Christmas Trees

Day 20: Kitchen Twine Snowman

Day 21: Peanut & Caramel Cookie Recipe

Day 22: Spool Place Cards

Day 23: Candied Citrus Peel Recipe

Day 24: Dip-Dyed Candles