We asked our favorite Saved by the Bell teen crush and star of her own Cooking Channel cooking show "Dinner at Tiffani’s" about her favorite things in the kitchen and out!

Sweet Paul: Where do you live?
Tiffani Thiessen:I live in Los Angeles, CA. I’m a 6th generation Californian. I’m a rare breed.

SP: What inspires you?
TT: My family and friends inspire me the most. I also get a lot of inspiration from traveling, food, books, and architecture.

SP: Favorite color?
TT: It’s hard to choose a favorite color. I love so many, but if I had to pick only one it would be teal or turquoise.

SP: Necessary luxury?
TT: I know, I know… I hate to admit it but… electronics. What would we do without them, right?

SP: Guilty pleasure?
TT: My guilty pleasure has always been wine and cheese. Together or separate, it’s my weakness!

SP: Favorite song?
TT: Somewhere Over the Rainbow is my favorite song. It was one of two wedding songs my husband and I had. My daughter also just learned the whole song and sings it all the time, which puts the biggest smile on my face.

SP: Favorite flower?
TT: Peonies have been my favorite flower since I can remember. A close second would be lilacs.

SP: Last purchase?
TT: I just bought a new book on chickens for my husband. We have had chickens now for about a year and a half and he’s become quite fascinated by them. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were living on a farm in the next five years.

SP: Perfume/cologne?
TT: I’m obsessed with the company I Hate Perfume. My favorite one is #205—7 billion hearts. It’s divine.

Favorite restaurant?
TT: I went to Maude just after it opened and was extremely impressed by Curtis [Stone] and what he has done. If I could get a table every month I would be there, but part of the charm of this restaurant is that it is small and quaint so it only seats a certain amount.

SP:Cookbook you can’t live without?
TT: It’s a toss up between the classic Joy of Cooking and any cookbook by Jamie Oliver. I am a huge fan of Jamie.

SP: Ultimate vacation destination?
TT: Depends on who I am going with, what time of year, and how long I get to go for. Ha! But off the top of my head… Mexico. It’s easy to get to— close to California—extremely laid back, beautiful beaches, and Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines.

SP: Film idol?
TT: Sally Field. There’s not a movie she has been in that I haven’t seen or admired. She truly has stood the test of time.

SP: Perfect meal?
TT: My most favorite is making Sunday morning breakfast for my family. It’s not exactly a specific meal but I just love
Sunday mornings. Getting up, going to the farmers’ market, coming home, and making a big breakfast for my husband and daughter. #Heaven!

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