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Tools to Help Make Better Bread at Home


Is there a yeast shortage in your area? No worries! You can create or buy your very own sourdough starter so you don't need to use any dry yeast to make the most amazing bread! I actually love sourdough because it has that wonderful acidic tang to it. Some starters are hundreds of years old.

Here are a few tutorials to make your own starter at home from scratch. Most of the time it just takes flour, water, and time!

King Arthur Flour Sourdough Starter Recipe

The Kitchn Sourdough Starter Recipe

The Splendid Table Sourdough Starter Recipe

The Gingered Whisk Sourdough Book & Online Class

You can also purchase starter online at Etsy and many bakeries. Sometimes you can even ask your local bakery and they'll give you a bit of their starter that you can keep, feed, and use at home.

Click the images below to see amazing starters available for purchase on Etsy:

140-year-old San Francisco Sourdough Starter

Original "Wharf" San Francisco Sourdough Starter


Einkorn Sourdough Starter 19 years old from Vermont




You really only need a bowl, scale, spoon, and oven to make your own bread at home. You can, however, obtain a few specialty tools that will have you level-up your bread-making game!

Proofing basket:

Bread Baguette Dough Banneton Brotform Proofing Proving Baskets

There are sooooo many more to choose from on Etsy... CLICK HERE to check out their selection!


Scoring Knife to cut slits in your risen loaves:

I love to bake my bread in heavy castiron dutch ovens.

There are hundreds of gorgeous vintage dutch ovens available on Etsy at great prices! CLICK HERE to browse.

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