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What Sweet Paul Learned from a Traditional Medicinals Herbalist...

This post is presented by my friends at Traditional Medicinals!

Now that I’m approaching “a certain age,” I feel like it’s more important than ever that I take care of myself—both body and mind. I stay active, take zinc and fish oil supplements every morning, but there must be more I can do.

I have always been curious about herbs and how they can affect my health. Of course, I love using herbs in my cooking, especially dill, parsley, and basil. But I never took the time to investigate beyond the kitchen.

So when Traditional Medicinals, the pioneering wellness tea company, asked if I wanted to sit down with one of their herbalists, I was all ears. And it was one of the best things I have done in a long time! We talked about all aspects of my life, including stress, sleep, and digestion, and how herbal teas could help.

I shared with the herbalist that I sometimes have trouble unwinding at the end of a long workday. Usually I relax with a martini, but she said that a soothing herbal tea could give me the same calming experience without the side effects that come with alcohol.

What? I’m sorry, a tea bag is not the same as vodka and vermouth. But after a couple of weeks of swapping out my nightcap for a cup of organic Stress Ease Cinnamon tea, I was a true believer.

I have a cup of the delicious, cinnamony tea with a teaspoon of honey around five o’clock, and I can feel my shoulders finding their natural position again. Then about 30 minutes before bedtime, I have a cup of organic Nighty Night. My partner James says, "Is that your Nighty Night?" I turned him onto the tea as well, and now we both sleep like babies.

And that’s not all Traditional Medicinals’ herbal teas can do. I learned from the herbalist that ginger can soothe an upset stomach*, that peppermint aids digestion*, and that echinacea helps support the immune system.* There is so much to learn!

I asked her what to do when I feel bloated after a meal—it happens to all the best cooks now and then—and the she told me about their Belly Comfort tea. Just a cup after a fabulous feast and my inflated belly feels like it’s let out a deep breath.

Now I am even drinking herbal tea in place of sweet treats just because they taste amazing. I make iced Hibiscus tea to refresh myself on a hot day. And anytime I feel nostalgic for my beloved Norway, I make a warm cup of Licorice Root tea and savor all the good memories of home.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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