Use the sunshine to make amazing fabrics. The result reminds me of watercolors, pale summer days, and poetry.

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There are a few ways of doing this. You can buy a ready-made fabric that has the chemicals already in it. You can get ready-made pillows, tote bags, aprons, and yardage in cotton and silk. You take your fabric out of the bag, place in the sun with whatever you want to print on top, after 10–12 minutes it’s done. You then rinse it well and dry. Online shops and have a good selection.

You can also use a paint called Inkodye. It's really easy to use, you simply paint it on your fabric, place your object on top, and then put it in the sun. After 10 minutes the print is done.

You have to wash your fabric twice after in the washing machine to get all the chemicals out. The online shop has great colors. Just remember, you need a good sunny day, this will not work on a overcast day and it does not work under a light bulb

You will need:

Sunprint supplies as desribed ablove

A sunny day!

  1. Apron: This apron you can buy from I used different kitchen and crafting tools that I placed in the pockets.
  2. Napkins: They come ready from I made a few different ones, one with some flowers, one with knife, fork and spoon, and with some small pebbles. It’s really up to you what you want to use!
  3. Tablecloth: This tablecloth is from I placed flowers all around the edges so it would have this beautiful watercolor-like border.
  4. Pillows: The large blue pillow is a ready fabric from Terrain that I placed in the sun with a bunch of uncooked spaghetti on top. The smaller blue one is painted with Inkodye and spaghetti. The pink and purple pillows are both painted with Inkodye and I placed some greenery’s on top.
  5. Framed Picture: Here I used Inkodye paint on a gingham fabric. The print is made from utensils from my kitchen. I found the effect really cool, you can use any patterned cotton or linen fabric for this.


Photography by Ellen Silverman

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