The sweetest way to decorate packages and a party garland to match!

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Crafts & Photos by Manal Aman of Hello Holy Days!

Manal Aman of Hello Holy Days

For the giftwrap:
Brown kraft wrapping paper
Gold glitter cardstock
Black construction paper
Pink construction paper

For the garland:
Lilac cardstock
Gold alphabet stickers
Kraft paper cardstock
Gold glitter cardstock
Black construction paper
Light pink construction paper
Black marker
1/8” hole punch
Gold twine
Circle cutter
Self healing mat

  1. For the giftwrap, wrap gifts in brown kraft paper.
  2. Use the gold cardstock to cut out ears and a snout. Glue to gift.
  3. Cut out eyes, eyelashes, nose and mouth from black construction paper and glue down. (When adhering to glitter cardstock, sometimes a glue gun can work better than white glue.)
  4. Finish gifts by cutting out small circles from pink construction for the bear’s cheeks.
  5. For the garland, use a circle cutter and self healing mat to cut out 8 circles, measuring 3.5” in diameter, from the lilac cardstock.
  6. Cut two 3.5” circles from the kraft paper cardstock.
  7. On the lilac circles, adhere gold alphabet stickers to spell out “mama bear”.
  8. On the kraft paper circles, use gold glitter cardstock to cut out ears and a snout. Use black construction paper to cut out a mouth and nose. Glue to kraft paper circles. Make eyes with a black marker and rosy cheeks with pink construction paper.
  9. For a word break between “mama” and “bear” cut out a flower from the gold glitter cardstock. Add a pink construction paper center if desired.
  10. Use the hole punch to make two holes at the top of every circle and two holes on the flower word breaker as well. It’s important to make two holes otherwise your garland will not hang straight.
  11. Thread the garland together using gold twine and hang.


Photography by Manal of Hello Holy Days

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