These Easter eggs are truly a work of art!

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From Lova: "When I was a kid in Sweden, we put twigs in vases and decorated them with colorful feathers to celebrate Easter and spring. We also emptied eggshells, painted them, and hung them in the twigs. I wanted to do this again, and here in London I found duck eggs that had a smooth translucent quality, almost like bone china. I knew they would be perfect as Easter decorations! The package even said ”posh birds.” (How British!)"


You will need:

Raw eggs

A Straw


Masking Fluid

Small pointed scissors

Abraxas inks


  1. Make 2 holes in the egg using a needle, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom. Make the hole in the bottom a little bit bigger than the 1 in the top. Use the needle to break the egg yolk inside the egg.
  2. Put a straw to the top hole and blow out the egg white and egg yolk. Put a bowl under the egg if you don’t want egg everywhere. Sketch your design with pencil and then draw it with a permanent pen.
  3. Use masking fluid if you want to keep white areas. Use water and ink to paint. Let dry. I used these beautiful inks from Abraxas.
  4. Make a loop of ribbon and put it through the big hole and then the small hole so that the knot is on the inside of the egg and the loop is on the outside. This is a bit tricky, but you can use a thin crochet needle to help the ribbon through the holes.
  5. Hang it on twigs or anywhere else!


Photography by Susanna Blåvarg

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