Have A Hoppy Day!

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felt, in white and pink

coffee filters

pink fabric dye

twine scissors

hot glue gun


needle & thread


wire (floral wire or a thin wire from a hardware store)

wire cutters

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half.
  2. Trace half of the bunny mask on the paper. The shape is basically an upside-down heart that doesn’t come to a point. Instead of a point, the heart opens up into the shape of the bunny’s ears.
  3. Hold up the drawing to your child’s face to make sure it fits.
  4. With the paper still folded, cut out the drawing. This will be your pattern.
  5. Trace the pattern, and cut the pattern out on white felt.
  6. Cut two pieces of wire a little shorter than the bunny ears.
  7. Cut another piece of wire that is the length of both bunny ears combined, plus three inches.
  8. Bend the long cut wire into a U-shape.
  9. Hot glue the U-shaped wire onto the back of the bunny’s ears. The lowest part of the U should be just above the forehead area on the mask.
  10. Hot glue one or two long scraps of the white felt on top of the U-shaped wire to hide and secure it in place.
  11. Hot glue the two shorter wires to the bunny ears on the front of the mask.
  12. Cut two rectangles out of the pink felt that are about one and a half inches wide and the same length as the shorter wires.
  13. Round the tops of the rectangles with your scissors. These will help create the bunny ears.
  14. Glue the pink felt pieces on top of the wires to hide them.
  15. Cut a small, two-inch circle out of the pink felt. Then, trim away two tear-drop shaped pieces at either side, leaving a half-inch of the circle intact. This will be your bunny nose. The idea is to create a mushroom shape. You can also cut a simple triangle if you prefer.
  16. Hot glue the pink felt nose at the center bottom of the bunny’s face.
  17. Hand sew twine in the shape of whiskers on either side of the nose, leaving the ends long and loose. I used contrasting thread for a more interesting look.
  18. Hold the mask up to your child’s face and mark where their eyes will be. Cut out two almond-shaped eyeholes in the bunny mask.
  19. Sew ribbons on either side of the mask just above the eyes.
  20. To make the flowers, dip three or four coffee filters in the pink dye and lay flat to dry.
  21. Once the coffee filters are dry, twist the centers of them to create a flower shape.
  22. Hot glue the flowers to the mask below one of the ears. You can have as many flowers as you like!


Photography by Dana Gallagher

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