One of the stories that was the most fun to make in the Kid's issue of Sweet Paul Magazine was the cardboard box story. I love turning something as plain as a cardboard box into something fun. This house takes a while to make, but the result is just so cool. Have a fab weekend all...
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You will need:
One large box, ours was 24 x 18 x 18
Box cutter
Hot glue gun
Water-based paint
Fabric scraps for curtains

  1. Stand box upright and start by cutting off the bottom flap using a box cutter.
  2. Open the top flaps, trace a triangle on both side flaps; using a box cutter, cut off the excess so there is a triangle roof corner.
  3. Hot glue the triangle flaps to the large flaps. (A good tip is to secure it with a little tape.)
  4. Take the two long bottom flaps and hot glue them to the roof, so that you have a complete roof.
  5. The chimney is a 6- by 18-inch piece of cardboard folded into a square tube and hot glued together.
  6. Make two triangle cuts on opposite sides of the chimney and hot glue in place.
  7. Cut out windows and door using a box cutter.
  8. Paint the house.
  9. The curtains are just small pieces of scrap fabric hot glued in place.
  10. Ready for moving in.


The grass and flowers are made of cardboard as well.
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