Inexpensive pulleys from the hardware store give these bracelets a slightly masculine and slightly nautical flare.

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You will need:

Cord, mine is a furniture cord with some synthetic content

small pulley like this one

needle and thread


  1. Meassure the cord so that it fits around your wrist with a little extra length to work with.
  2. Place the pulley on the cord, find the middle and sew the cord together with a few stiches
  3. Place on your wrist and tie the cord together so that it fits, but loose enough to get off easy.
  4. Cut off the edges and burn then slightly with a lighter. This will make the fibers close and it will not fray.
  5. You're ready to party!


I love to walk around the hardware store to find cute and cheap products to use for DIY projects!

Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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