Simple appliqué with iron-on adhesive cuts out the sewing!

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What a week this has been! I have been so lucky... we were not hit too hard by the storm in my neighborhood of Brooklyn. Our worst hardship was a night without TV. Many of my friends where not so lucky, many are stil without power and water and are UNDERwater. But life has to go on, Hurricane or no Hurricane. Everyone will be back stronger than ever soon! This is a beautiful pillow that my fellow Sweet Paul'er, Paul Vitale, made for the fall issue. It's really easy to make and a fun weekend project. Have a great weekend!

You need:
store bought pillow
heat n' bond adhesive

  1. Begin with a store-bought 18" square pillow insert. You can make a simple muslin pillowcase or use a store bough one.
  2. Find interesting botanical mushroom illustrations online and print 2 copies of each image on regular paper.
  3. apply Heat 'n Bond brand iron-on adhesive to the back of several natural colors of felt, be sure to have some light and some dark.
  4. Cut out mushroom caps that you like from your printouts that you will use as a pattern. Leave some excess paper around the shape of the mushroom that way you can cut the perfect shape out of your felt.
  5. Cut out the corresponding mushroom stems form your printouts.. leave extra lenght on the top of the stems.. you will cover this excess stem with the felt mushroom caps.
  6. Pin the mushroom patterns onto the paper covering the Heat n' Bond and cut out the mushroom shapes.
  7. Remove the paper from the Heat n' Bond
  8. Pin the mushroom stems to the pillowcase adhesive side down
  9. Iron the stems on
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 with mushroom caps, making sure to overlap the stems with the caps.
  11. put your new pillowcase on your pillow insert and display!


Photography by Collin Cooke

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