Delightful paper bells to hang from your Christmas tree!

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You will need:

Metallic gold crepe paper

Colorful mini bells

Hot glue


Clear beads (optional)

  1. Cut a rectangle measuring 2.5” x 5” from the crepe paper. Bring the short ends together to shape the rectangle into a tube and glue.
  2. Metallic crepe paper is easily malleable so use your fingers to gently dome one end of the tube (this will be the top of the bell) and flare the other end of the tube by gently stretching (this will be the bottom of the bell.)
  3. String a piece of twine through a mini bell in the color of your choice and feed it through the crepe paper bell. This will act as the clapper. Adjust the twine so the clapper sits in line with the crepe paper bell.
  4. To hold the string in place, add hot glue to the top hole of the bell making sure the string was held straight and positioned in the center of the hole. If desired, divert attention from the dab of hot glue at the top of the bell by adding a clear bead.


Delightful paper bells to hang from your Christmas tree!
Photography by Crafts & Photos by Manal Aman

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