This darling little boat is made from papier mache!

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printed template
double-sided tape
washi tape
2 sheets of newspaper
2 small paint brushes
1⁄3 cup wallpaper glue (follow packet directions)
blue watercolor paint
bamboo skewer
2 twigs
cotton fabric
sewing needle
embroidery thread

  1. Print the template onto plain white paper. Template can be found at out the template with scissors.
  2. Cut out the template with scissors. Cut the 2 small diagonal sections that are marked with dotted lines
  3. To make the center seat in the boat, measure across the template at the center (narrowest part), then cut a piece of cardboard this length plus 2½ inches wide. Fold into thirds.
  4. Fold along the solid lines in the template, and form into a boat shape. Join the folded sections using double-sided tape. Secure the 2 ends of the boat with a small piece of washi tape.
  5. Cut newspaper into strips about 2½ inches x ¾ inches. Working with 3–4 pieces at a time, paint one side of each newspaper strip with wallpaper paste and stick onto the paper boat.
  6. Continue until you have covered the boat, both inside and out twice with the glued newspaper strips.
  7. Now glue 1 layer of newspaper strips to folded cardboard (center) seat. Allow the boat and seat to dry overnight.
  8. Paint the outside of the boat and the seat with watercolor paint and allow to dry.
  9. Use a skewer to make a hole in the top of the seat for the sail. Trim a piece of cotton fabric into a triangle and, with the embroidery thread, sew to one of the twigs. Use hot glue to stick the remaining twig diagonally to the back of the sail.
  10. Glue the seat into the boat and insert the sail, adding a little glue to make it sturdy.


This darling little boat is made from papier mache!
Photography by China Squirrel

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