Gigham + Dip Dye = Fabulous!

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You will need:


Gingham Fabric

Liquid Fabric Dye

Rope or string


Fabric Glue

  1. Cut strips of gingham in various widths and colors.
  2. Prepare fabric dye in the colors you like in small bowls according to package instructions.
  3. Dip dye your fabric strips... have fun.. there are no rules about how much or what colors... do what you think looks nice!
  4. Allow fabric to dry.
  5. Cut a length of rope or string to desired length. I think 6 or 7 feet is nice.
  6. Using fabric glue, affix your strips to the rope.
  7. Allow glue to dry.
  8. Hang your bunting!


I always use RIT Liquid Fabric Dye.

Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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