Day 20: 2014 Sweet Paul Holiday Countdown presented by Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day

I was torn on weather to call this a craft or a recipe.  I decided on craft, because there aren't really any ingredients or mixing!  This project is SO FUN to do with kids! It's sort of like a quick version of dying Easter eggs.  You can use the marshmallows as decoration on cakes and cookies, simply in a bowl, or... in hot chocolate!

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You will need:

Marshmallows - I used large ones

Food coloring

Cups for the dye baths

Wire rack for drying

  1. Prepare food coloring dye baths with water and food coloring. Experiment with the saturation, more food coloring makes deeper colors.
  2. Simply dip each marshmallow into the dye bath until it is the color you want. The marshmallows take color very quickly.
  3. Put the marshmallows on cooling racks to dry completely!


You could make a REALLY fab garland with hundreds of these marshmallows threaded onto string! Use different sizes, colors, have fun with it!
Photography by Paul "Sweet Paul" Lowe

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