Such a charming little tree!

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You need:
Green glitter pipe cleaners
Long wooden stick, mine was 20”
Flower foam
Hot glue gun
  1. Start by deciding how much of the stick need to be in the pot.
  2. Use a pen to mark the spot.
  3. start with an inch of just pipe cleaners twisted around the stem. We don’t want to see any wood, just glitter.
  4. Now take 4 pipe cleaners and fold them in half, twist them around the stick and fold them out to form branches.
  5. Add 1” of green stem, then another row of branches.
  6. Now take 8 cleaners and cut off 1” of each. This will be your next two sets of branches.
  7. For every new set of two branches you cut off another inch so the branches gets smaller and smaller just like a tree. You twist cleaners around the stem in between each set of branches.
  8. Once you are done make a small star of cleaners and glue to the top of the tree.
  9. Fill the pot with flower foam and stick the stem into it, hot glue in place. You can fill the top with crumbled craft paper or moss so you don’t see the flower foam.


Photography by Paul Lowe

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