Making your own giftwrap adds a special touch to your gifts. Children will love this easy craft idea.

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You will need:
watercolor paints
paint brushes
brayer (rubber roller)
rubber stamps (e.g.; rabbit or chicken)

  1. Use a small paintbrush to apply a thick diluted mix of watercolor paint onto a rubber stamp then stamp onto plain white paper. Repeat to create a unique gift-wrapping paper.
  2. To make feather gift paper, brush the front side of a feather (the side where the shaft is not as prominent) with diluted watercolor paint, place the painted side down onto the sheet of paper you wish to print in on, carefully place another piece of scrap paper over the feather, then use a brayer to roll over the feather a couple of times.
  3. Carefully remove scrap paper, and repeat to create a pattern of feathers on the paper.


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