Traditionally, children receive money on Eid. But in North America, many parents now opt to give their children wrapped gifts.

If you’re giving gifts instead of money this Eid, here’s a way to make your wrapping special!

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You will need:
glitter wrapping paper, purple (available at Paper Source)
glitter wrapping paper, gold (available at Paper Source)
kraft wrapping paper, brown
sticky tape for glitter wrapping papers (available at Paper Source)
  1. Wrap each gift in one of the glitter wrapping papers.
  2. Then, before fully wrapping another sheet of wrapping paper on top, make creases with your finger of where the wrapping paper will fit.
  3. On the outer wrapping paper, use the creases you made as guides for where your crescent moon and star will be placed.
  4. Use any circular object that will fit your gift box to make a crescent moon on the wrapping paper. Freehand a star shape and cut out voids for the both the moon and star.
  5. Now, using the creases you made earlier as guides, wrap this top sheet of wrapping paper onto the gift so a different shade of wrapping paper peeks through the crescent moon and star.


Photography by Crafts+recipes by Manal Aman | Styling by Paul Lowe | Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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