In the fall, I love to take long walks along the Charles River in Boston, and collect leaves, acorns, and beautiful twigs. I used some leaves and black paint to create a dark fall collage for my wall.

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You will need:
rough paper in neutral colors
black acrylic paint
washi tape
raven print-out, from
  1. Place a leaf on a piece of rough paper and paint with black acrylic paint.
  2. Wait until the paint has dried, then turn the leaf over and place on another piece of paper to paint the other side.
  3. Paint your own or print out my watercolor ravens from the link above.
  4. Cut out ravens using scissors and leave a thin white border around the birds.
  5. Make a collage of leaf silhouettes, painted leaves, and ravens on a wall using washi tape.


Photography by Text+crafts by Lova Blåvarg | Photography by Susanna Blåvarg

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