As a kid I would go to the flower market with Mormor before the holidays. She would buy bunches of tulips—always white— amaryllises, paper whites, and bulbs in every form. The bulbs she would plant in pots and place in the windowsill. We all waited impatiently for the first sign of life. It always amazed me when the dried-up bulb started to grow.

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You will need:

flower bulbs (I used tulips, amaryllises, paper whites)

a pot of good soil


  1. Place the bulb root-side down in a pot of good soil.
  2. Water and wait.
  3. Once you see some life, water more and you will see the bulb come to life.
  4. You can also place the root in a glass and ll up with just enough water that the roots can start to drink—but don't drown the bulb as it will start to rot.


If you want to see these beautiful blooms by the holidays, start planting and watering them mid-November.

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