The sweetest little bottle to hold the tiniest of treasures!

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From Melissa: "I am totally obsessed with tiny things, especially plants! I squeel a little every time I see them. They are just so tiny and cute I want to put them in my pocket!

I love to forage in the woods and search for natural materials that I can use in my designs. You may as well call me a squirrel. I stumbled across a collection of  tiny bottles at my local craft store. They immediately got my wheels turning on all the small treasures I could put inside and give to my friends... so I created the Foragers Necklace to celebrate all the tiny things!"

You will need:
Tiny bottles with corks and screw eye rings
Hemp or twine cordage
Sedums, dried flowers, textures or succulents

  1. I was lucky enough to find my small bottles with the screw eye rings already in the top. If you have trouble finding these, simply purchase any small bottles and get eye rings from the hardware store and screw it into the top of your cork.
  2. Measure out the length of hemp or twine by, draping it around your neck to the desired legnth. Leave some wiggle room to tie it!
  3. I like to use small succulents or sedums, but anything that fits will work!
  4. Take care of them by removing the cork from the glass bottle and leaving it on the sink while taking a shower, giving it a nice steam bath! Enjoy for weeks to come!


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