Have the foxiest Halloween ever!

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felt, in brown, pink, white, off-white, and black

hot glue gun


needle & thread, or a sewing machine



  1. On a piece of paper, draw a square with slightly rounded sides, to fit over your child’s face.
  2. Mark two triangles where the eye openings should be.
  3. Cut out the paper. This will be your pattern.
  4. Draw a shape that looks like the top of a heart at the bottom of the square.
  5. Cut out the new square shape with the heart line.
  6. Trace this shape twice onto brown felt.
  7. Cut out the brown felt, leaving the eye triangles intact on one piece.
  8. On one piece of brown felt, hot glue two small darts above the eye triangles.
  9. Cut the unused piece of felt in half. This will be the bottom of the fox’s face.
  10. Hot glue the two pieces of brown felt together along their heart-shaped lines. This should create the fox’s pointy nose.
  11. Using the pattern piece with the heart-shaped line, cut out a piece of off-white felt for the bottom half of the mask.
  12. Cut two triangle notches in either side of the off-white felt.
  13. Hot glue the off-white felt onto the bottom half of the mask.
  14. Cut a small half-inch wide strip of white felt using the same heart-shaped line as a guide.
  15. Glue the half-inch white felt strip below the off-white felt.
  16. Cut three triangles out of the black felt.
  17. Hot glue two black felt triangles behind the eye triangles on the brown felt.
  18. Hot glue one black felt triangle on the brown felt point to create the nose of the fox.
  19. Cut out two rounded triangles from the brown felt.
  20. Cut two more rounded triangles that are slightly smaller from the pink felt.
  21. Hot glue the pink triangles in the center of the larger brown triangles. These will be the fox’s ears.
  22. Attach the ears to the back of the mask with hot glue. The centers of the triangles should line up with the darts in the brown felt.
  23. Round the edges of the fox mask by cutting the sides to line up with the outer edge of the ears.
  24. Trim the black felt at the eyes to create eyeholes.
  25. Sew two ribbons on either side of the mask, just above the eyes. Sew two more ribbons near the bottom of the mask. These ribbons will tie around your child’s head to keep the mask on.


Photography by Dana Gallagher

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