You can knit this giant statement scarf using your arms as the knitting needles!

This long scarf takes any winter outfit to the next level, thanks to a lighter alpaca blend that creates a soft, floaty look. Add a fringe of super-fuzzy suri alpaca to the ends and you have a flirty bohemian yet sophisticated accessory. Experiment with different yarn weights and fibers to create a look that is uniquely you!The best part, this scarf can be made in a matter of hours, by simply knitting on your arms. Like this project? You should visit Anne's blog, Flax & Twine and check out her book, Knitting Without Needles: A Stylish Introduction to Finger and Arm Knitting!

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Makes 1 scarf approximately 14" (35.5cm) wide, 96" (244cm) long. Measurements will vary slightly based on your arm size, tension, and yarn choice.

You will need:

Arm Knitting How To PDF (download above)

240 yd (219.5m) of chunky-weight yarn (color A), combining 2 x 20-yard (18.9m) lengths

100 yd (91.4m) of fuzzy worsted-weight yarn (color B), combining 5 x 20-yard (18.9m) lengths

600 yd (548.6m) of chunky-weight yarn (color C), combining 5 x 120-yard (109m) lengths (this would require less if make the scarf shorter)

Yarn Used:

2 skeins Blue Sky Alpaca Techno in Fame, 120 yd (109m), 13⁄4 oz (50g),

68% baby alpaca, 22% silk, 10% extra fine merino (color A)

1 skein Blue Sky Alpaca Brushed Suri in Whipped Cream, 142 yd

(130m), 13⁄4 oz (50g), 67% baby suri alpaca, 22% merino, 11% bamboo (color B)

5 skeins Blue Sky Alpaca Techno in Metro Silver, 120 yd (109m), 13⁄4 oz (50g), 68% baby alpaca, 22% silk, 10% extra fine merino (color C)

  1. Download the "Arm Knitting How To PDF" by clicking on the link above and navigating to the download button.
  2. Prepare the yarn. Measure five 20-yd (18.9m) strands of color A. Measure two 20-yd (18.9m) strands of color B. Combine and set aside these 7 strands for the first color-blocked section. Repeat this measurement and combination process so you have yarn set aside for the ending color-blocked section.
  3. Using Arm Knitting How-To PDF, cast on 12 stitches to your right arm with colors A/B, holding all 7 strands together. Knit 5 rows. Trim the working yarn to approximately 8" (20.5cm). Reserve any excess yarn for making tassels later.
  4. Change colors, switching the working yarn to 5 strands of color C (see Arm Knitting How To PDF).
  5. Continuing with color C, arm knit until the scarf measures approximately 80" (203cm) or your desired length, keeping in mind there is still a 16" (40.5cm) color-blocked section remaining. End with all of the stitches on your left arm.
  6. Switch the working yarn back to colors A/B and knit 5 rows. Then bind off all 12 stitches.
  7. For tassels, cut 16" (40.5cm) strands from any and all remaining yardage of color A and color B yarns. Distribute the strands evenly into 12 piles. Each pile should have 8–10 strands of yarn.
  8. To make a tassel, fold one pile in half. Thread the folded end through the edge of the scarf, making a loop. Bring the loose ends through the loop. Pull each tassel taut and adjust each knot at the scarf’s edge. Add 6 tassels spaced evenly to each end of the scarf.
  9. Weave in all loose ends from the knitting and color changes.


You can knit this giant statement scarf using your arms as the knitting needles!
Photography by Anne Weil, styled by Brittany Jepsen of House that Lars Built

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