These pots will look great in your garden and they will amaze your friends when you tell them you made them.  

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You will need:

cooking spray

plastic containers (to use as molds)

quick-set cement


sphagnum peat moss

large container



  1. Choose a plastic container to be a mold and coat the inside generously with cooking spray, to make removing the pot from the mold much easier.
  2. In a large container, combine quick-set cement, perlite, and peat moss in 1:1:1 ratio.
  3. Add water slowly and in stages, and mix with gloved hands until the consistency is like cottage cheese.
  4. Quickly pour wet cement mixture into the mold.
  5. To create the cavity in the center of the pot, spray the outside of another plastic container with cooking spray and press it into the center of the wet cement mixture.
  6. Let cement cure for about an hour. Quick-set cement will release a lot of heat.
  7. Once cured, remove the plastic containers and allow the pot to sit out and dry for about a week before handling and planting.


Get creative with your shapes!

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