My friend Lova Blavarg designed these crafts that are PERFECT for your next dinner party, holiday, or your wedding!

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Kids love a great craft table, and if you set the table with some lovely craft projects, the challenge of sitting still for a long dinner can turn into a joy. Lova loved coloring books as a kid and she has prepared a whole city to color and build for our kids table. It will keep them busy for hours.

Kid's Table Crafts Kid's Table Crafts (8441 KB)

To set the table you will need:


paper for the printer (we love Epson Archival Matte Heavyweight)

plain white paper

mini clothespins

flowers for decoration

road tape

toy cars, vintage or new

kraft paper envelopes, US letter size

water soluble color pens

tape & glue stick

child-safe scissors, 1 pair each

paper straws

glass vintage

silverware, vintage



  1. Download and print the city coloring pages on this page.
  2. Cut out hot air balloons and zeppelins, write the kids’ names on them, and use as place cards. They look nice attached to straws with mini clothespins.
  3. Put printouts in an envelope for every child, use the envelope as a place mat. Write “Open Me” on the envelope. Make sure to put some blank white papers in the envelopes too, in case the kids want to add their own creations to the city.
  4. Decorate the table with child-safe scissors, some pens, glue, and tape. Put these things in cups, glasses or jars on the table.
  5. Set down the road tape for the kids to build around.
  6. Set the table and decorate with flowers and some toy cars.


Kids are as different as adults. While some might like coloring neatly, others want to be more involved. Mix up the table setting with some old toy cars and a roll of road tape to make different personalities happy.

Make sure to have 1 pair of scissors and a small roll of tape for each kid, as waiting for your turn can be boring.

Having many colors to choose from is awesome, so buy a large set of pens or a couple of sets if there are many kids.

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