When mending textiles, the Japanese call it Boro, which translates to rags. It’s a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. It was often performed with indigo textiles on both clothes and sheets. You could track generations of a family along the seams, as the clothes were repaired over and over again and passed on. The beauty lies in the choice of patches and stitches.

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You will need:



fabric scraps for patching





  1. Trim a hole to a nice round shape.
  2. Fold back the edges around the hole and iron, or iron back the edges on a patch if you want to sew a patch on top.
  3. Put the patch behind or over the hole.
  4. Sew stitches in a decorative way (like crosses or stars) or just straight ones, over the edges of the hole, around the patch and a little bit of everywhere, as you wish.


Collect vintage pieces of textile, ribbons, yarns and buttons, and you will be well prepared for some beautiful mending.

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