The layers of the pinecone combined with the linen give this pillow a great texture.

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You will need:

linen fabric


sewing machine

batting or stuffing

needle & thread

a few pipe cleaners

  1. Cut 2 large pinecone shapes out of linen.
  2. Cut 40 3-inch ovals out of the linen.
  3. Stitch them in a row across the pinecone, starting with the bottom. Overlap the next row and continue until the pillow front is covered.
  4. Put your front and back of the pillow together, right sides facing one another and stitch together.
  5. Turn right side out and stuff and hand sew the pillow closed.
  6. The stem is made of a small tube of linen with pipe cleaners. Hand stitch it to the pillow.


Photography by Colin Cooke

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