So charming and delicate!

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From Lova: "Me, my mom, and my little sister went to a bead shop the other day, and I decided that I wanted to make thin, delicate bracelets. I had so much fun picking out the colors! My mom wanted the blue/gray one, my sister claimed the red/pink, and I took the pink/blue. We’re all wearing them now!"

You will need:

Delicate metal beads





  1. To start, put a small metal bead on the thread, and then the clasp. Put the thread through the metal bead again and use pliers to flatten it.
  2. Start threading beads! I think that putting them randomly is quite beautiful.
  3. .Make sure to check that the bracelet is the right length for your wrist.
  4. When you’re done, end the bracelet the same way you started it.


There are metal colored glass beads, but I think the pure metal beads have a much prettier shine!

Photography by Susanna Blavarg

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