Take a trip down the fishing aisle at the sporting goods store!

From Lova: We went to Brimfield market, Paul, I and a few others and when we had an evening off we found this cosy little restaurant run by a fisherman's beautiful daughter. She gave me these…no, honestly, that wasn't the way it happened.

We all went to Walmart that evening and it was almost midnight and we went treasure hunting for stuff to craft with. It was great fun and I found these beautiful fishing lures. I turned them into earrings and I put them in a box. One day I'm going to give them to a fisherman's beautiful daughter though.

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You will need:
Fishing lures - there are SO MANY beautiful ones! BassPro Shop has a huge selection
Earring bases - you can buy these at most bead stores or on Etsy
Thin wire
Wire snips
Decorative beads

  1. Find some amazing fishing lures and some pretty beads to use to make your earrings.
  2. Very carefully remove the fishing hooks from your lures. They're so sharp! Be careful!
  3. Attach decorative beads to your lures using the thin wire. Secure them firmly by wrapping the wire around several times and snipping off the excess wire.
  4. Use your wire the attach the lures at the top to the earring hooks.
  5. Ready to wear!


Take a trip down the fishing aisle at the sporting goods store!
Photography by Susanna Blavarg

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