Learn to make these lovely DIY note cards and envelopes!

From Lova: This year I started college in Boston. Although I love it, I find myself missing my home in Sweden sometimes. Letter writing is something that has helped me cope with the transition. With so much instant communication online, it’s lovely to know that someone took the time to handwrite a letter and mail it. I decided to go even further by making my own note cards and envelopes. I picked an aquatic theme to represent the vast Atlantic Ocean separating me from my homeland... or to be honest I just thought the fish were cute!

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You will need:

envelope templates
paper or card stock
glue stick
  1. You can find some wonderful templates for making envelopes in craft stores. I used some really nice templates from Paper Source. Pick papers in colors and patterns that go wcell together. I used a mix of thinner patterned paper and card stock to give the cards and envelopes some stability.
  2. For the envelopes I cut out one side from patterned paper and one from card stock. Putting patterned paper inside of the envelopes creates a nice surprise effect for the receiver! Use a regular glue stick to put them together.
  3. The machine-sewn edges of the note cards are a small detail that adds so much to the overall look of the cards. Start by gluing patterned paper onto card stock using a glue stick and then sew around the card with a colorful thread.
  4. Write some letters!


Learn to make these lovely DIY note cards and envelopes!
Photography by Photography by Susanna Blåvarg

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