Create a dreamy mobile for your home!

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From Lova: "I really love silhouettes because they are so clear and precise, but when I made this mobile I wanted to make something a bit dreamy in contrast to that. I’ve always thought that hot air balloons are especially dreamy and unprecise because they go where the wind takes them."


You will need:


Thick paper - I used a heavy card stock

Xacto Knife - I love this one

White thread

  1. Use thick paper and an Xacto knife to cut out shapes of a hot air balloon, a cloud, and an anchor, or other things from the sky (maybe an airplane or a moon).
  2. Use regular white sewing thread to tie the pieces together. Make sure you balance the pieces so they are straight when you hang them.
  3. Hang your mobile from the ceiling or in a window and enjoy!


Search for reference pictures on google when you sketch out your shapes!

Photography by Susanna Blavarg

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