This charming envelope shaped clutch is SO EASY to make!

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From Lova: "This is a cute little clutch that is super easy and fast to make. No sewing or glue involved! It looks like a letter and if you want you can even put a stamp and an address on the front side (Sharpie usually sticks to leather). Use it as a clutch or make a small one for business cards!"


You will need:


A paper envelope the shape you'd like your clutch to be.

Xacto knife

A piece of leather


Hole punch

  1. Start by opening up a paper greeting card envelope to use as a template.
  2. Use your template to trace the shape on your piece of leather. If you want your clutch to be bigger than your template, just use the template as a guide and draw your outline a couple inches bigger.
  3. Use a hole puncher to make two holes in each flap. The holes should be equally spaced on each flap and align on top of each other when you close the envelope.
  4. Take two ribbons and thread on of them through the holes of the three bottom flaps, and tie a knot. Take the other ribbon and thread it through the holes in the top flap.
  5. You may want to score the places where your envelope clutch folds to help it fold a bit better.
  6. Tie the ribbons into a bow to close the clutch.


Photography by Susanna Blavarg

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