The unexpected combination of green quince and orange marigolds is sure to please!

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Our contributor and friend Dietlind Wolf came up with this beautiful idea for a quince and marigold wreath and I just fell in love with it!

You will need:

Quince or another fruit or vegetable to use as a base


Sturdy yet pliable wire

Wire snips


  1. Snip your wire into the length of your choice.
  2. Cut the marigold flowers from the stems.
  3. Begin the thread the marigolds onto the wire as if they were beads. Make sure to leave a couple of inches on each end to allow you to close the wreath.
  4. Bend your wire into a circle shape and twist the ends to close the wreath as you see in the photo.
  5. Insert the wreath stem into your quince and make sure it is balanced and stands upright.
  6. Adjust the placement of your marigolds so they look pretty on the wreath.


You can substitute pears or pumpkins for quince.

Photography by Dietlind Wolf, Concept & Styling: Dietlind Wolf

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