People often ask me what do I do with all the stuff I make for Sweet Paul Magazine and others as well. The honest truth is that T hardly keep any of it. Simply have no room for it and I also don't want my home to look like a crafty But this needle cushion I kept. It's from the "new life for old tins" story in the summer issue. I just love this, so practical. I mean, how often haven't you looked for a needle? I know!
You need:

1 small clean can
fabric scrap
cotton filling
2 rubber bands
hot glue gun

  1. Cut a 8x8 square of the fabric and place a bunch of cotton filling in the middle.
  2. Pull the edges together so that it forms a ball. Fasten the edges with two rubber bands.
  3. Hot glue the ball to the can.
  4. Make a ribbon of the same fabric and hot glue it in place around the can.


Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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