Cotton mop heads can be used for more than just cleaning!

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You need:

12 cotton mops

Liquid Fabric Dye (I always use RIT Dye)

Plastic bins to dye in.

Folding drying rack

Nails and hammer

  1. Prepare various dye colors according to package instructions in your plastic bins.
  2. Wet your mops and color them according to the bottle.
  3. Allow to dry completely on folding drying rack. This can take up to several days! It's best to do this project when it's not too humid and when you can dry them outside in the sun!
  4. Hang then on your wall using nails and a hammer. I did a simple rectangle, but get creative and make your own design if you're inspired!


Create seasonal looks by choosing different color stories!

Photography by Kristin Gladney

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