Great for tree decorations or use as gift tags!

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You will need:
v-shaped branches
utility knife
jute twine
small scissors
hot glue gun and hot glue
hole puncher
  1. To make the v-shaped Christmas tree, carefully cut grooves along the outside edges of the branch using a utility knife (this helps the string stay in place).
  2. Tie twine to branch end, then wind up and around branch. Tie off twine and trim ends.
  3. Cut a small paper template of a star. Use a star cookie cutter as a guide or draw freehand!
  4. Hold template on leaf and cut around.
  5. Glue leaf star and a loop of string to the top of each tree.
  6. To make a leaf Christmas tree, use small scissors to freestyle cut leaves into tree shapes.
  7. Use a hole puncher to make a hole in the top and attach a loop of string.
  8. To make a raffia twig tree, tie lengths of raffia around a twig then use scissors to trim diagonally on each side to resemble a Christmas tree.


Great for tree decorations or use as gift tags!
Photography by Crafts + styling + photography by China Squirrel

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