First of all I must say that Im beyond myself with all the great comments you guys leave on my giveaway. There are so many good suggestions, I will totally listen to them. Now, this is a fun and easy wreath to make.

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All you need is a wire hanger, duck tape, paper and a hot glue gun.

  1. You start with a wire hanger, with cutters cut off the hook and make it in to a circle.
  2. Secure the ends with duck tape.
  3. Then cut out leaf shapes in regular white copy paper. I would say you need about 100.
  4. Take your leafs and give then a straight crease down the middle, just like a real leaf.
  5. Then you glue them on to your wreath using a hot glue gun.
  6. You now have a very stylish wreath for about $3. Not too bad?


Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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