It's Saturday morning here in Brooklyn when I write this. It's supposed to snow here today, I went out a little while ago with my dog and there is that "snowy" feeling in the air. So when I was thinking about what idea to post today I remembered this image I created for a scandinavian lifestyle magazine. The paper flowers on the wall reminds me of snow, kinda feels like they are falling from the clouds. They are easy to make.

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  1. Cut out two large flower heads and two smaller ones.
  2. Crunch them a little bit so that they get more 3D.
  3. Glue the two large together in the middle and do the same with the two small ones.
  4. Now glue them both together.
  5. Crunch them, open them up so that they get a vintage paper flower look.
  6. I glued them to the wall with double sided tape.
  7. Enjoy the snow.


Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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