One of my favorite crafts for gift giving is to make my own wrapping paper and gift tags.

I grew up in Norway and now I live thousands of miles away from my family. I cherish all of the old family photos that I have from my childhood. When I was a boy I used to love to sit with my parents or grandmother and look through our family photo albums and
ask them questions about the people in the photos.

One of my favorite crafts for gift giving is to make my own wrapping paper and gift tags. It’s such an easy addition and your gift recipient will love it. It’s like getting two gifts in one! With this project you can either make your paper at home with a scanner and home printer, or if you’d like you can bring the photos to your local copy center and have the folks there help you create your paper.

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This recipe is from my special Jingle, Sparkle, & Twinkle Holiday Family Issue presented by Band-Aid Brand and Neosporin. You can download the issue for FREE here!

You will need:

old photos

glue stick or double sided tape

a piece of 11"x17" paper to use as your base

more paper to use for your printouts

card-stock for tags

a hole punch



transparent tape with which to wrap 

  1. Start by arranging your photos on your piece of paper and taping or gluing them down in an arrangement that looks nice to you.
  2. Next, either scan your composition on your home scanner or bring them to your local copy center to make copies.
  3. Print out as many pages as you like. Remember, for a bigger box you may have to use more than 1 sheet of paper.
  4. For the gift tags, print out a copy of a photo you like and affix it to your cardstock with tape or glue stick.
  5. Next, cut out a rectangle tag the size you like best and cut off the top 2 corners at an angle so it looks like a gift tag.
  6. Finally, with your hole punch, punch a hole in the center-top of your tag.
  7. Wrap your presents, tie on beautiful ribbon, attach your tag, and give your memorable gift!


You can print your wrapping paper in both color and black & white for a nice variety. It’s fun to enlarge smaller photos so you can see details. You can also make greeting cards by pasting your paper onto cardstock. 

Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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