Festive coffee filter pom poms will brighten both your room AND your day!

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They’re timeless, spunky, and tantalizingly chic–and anyone (yes, anyone) can make pom-poms. With 25 fully illustrated, oh-so-simple project instructions, these poufy, pretty balls of fluff will soon be popping up everywhere–around your home, throughout your closet, in the hands of your friends, even at your next party. Use yarn to make ‘em in patterns, from speckles to stripes to polka-dots, then up your pom-pom prowess by trying tissue paper, tinsel, coffee filters, cupcake wrappers, and a host of other unexpected materials.

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Pom-Poms!: 25 Awesomely Fluffy Projects


Coffee filters
Yellow and red food coloring
Water and a pan or metal bowl
Wax paper and cookie tray
Crochet thread
Embroidery needle
Fishing line (optional)

  1. Pour 1-inch of water in the pan or bowl large enough for the filters to be dipped into. Add equal amounts of red and yellow food coloring to the water—more drops make darker hues. Swirl the pan or bowl slightly to mix the colors evenly.
  2. Quickly dip a stack of coffee filters, rim side down, into the tinted water. Lay the dipped filters, still stacked, on newspaper or cardboard and let dry 8-10 hours.
  3. Fold the filters in half individually and stack them.
  4. Thread your needle with a 20-inch piece of crochet thread and line up the loose ends. Insert the needle through the middle of each half-circle, close to the fold. Poke through a few of them at a time until you’ve gotten through all of them.
  5. Tie all ends together in a double-knot.
  6. Gently separate, fold the opposite way, and twist each half-circle.
  7. Hang with crochet thread or fishing line.


Experiment with different sized coffee filters, then group them to fill your space.

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