Make some Christmas magic with a bedtime story from the big guy himself! 

Wrap up holiday books and hide them outside your door. When it’s bedtime, bring your little ones to the door to discover a gift left by Santa. Now you won’t have any trouble picking the evening’s bedtime story, and you’ll be adding to the anticipation of Christmas morning!

Special thanks to The Land of Nod for the beautiful props!

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You will need:

Several great holiday books

Wrapping paper



Gift Tag


  1. Pick out a new Christmas picture book or even use one from last year.
  2. Wrap the book, adding a handwritten tag from Santa.
  3. Place on your doorstep for your child to find and open before bed as part of your bedtime routine.
  4. Repeat as many times as you like to build anticipation for the holidays!


Photography by Alexandra Grablewski Crafts by Leah Michaelson

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