These darling little votive holders are perfect for Hanukkah celebrations!

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You will need:
Wood veneer paper
Vellum paper
Glass votive holders
Star of David template
Utility knife
Self healing mat
Glue gun
  1. Measure how much wood veneer paper is needed to wrap around your glass votive holders. Cut a rectangle piece of wood veneer paper in accordance with measurements.
  2. Create a star of david template that works with the scale of your votive holder. You can look online to find them easily too.
  3. Using a self-healing mat and utility knife, place the Star of David template in the center and cut out the voids of the star.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to create as many votive holders as desired.
  5. Cut a piece of vellum paper to glue to the back of the wood veneer paper. (It doesn’t need to cover the entire back – just enough to cover the Star of David).
  6. Wrap the wood veneer paper around a glass votive holder, glue ends together with hot glue. If needed, trim the veneer paper around the top edges to sit in line with the glass holder.


I always use battery operated votives when lighting craft projects.
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