The classiest kid-made necklace around! This is a perfect handmade gift to do with your kids, it couldn't be more simple!

Our friend Leah Michaelson of Family+Craft came up with this super-simple and FUN craft to do with the kids! It's perfect for anytime your kids need to make a gift for a mom, grandmom, teacher, or other loved one!

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You will need:

Round stickers



  1. Cut string to desired length.
  2. Find middle of string. Lay it across the middle of a sticker that set sticky side up on the table.
  3. Fold sticker in half with string in the center. Smooth shut.
  4. Repeat. Placing stickers in whatever color pattern strikes your fancy.
  5. Tie ends of string together.
  6. Show off what you made!


Photography by Leah Michaelson

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