These darling ornaments will make your tree WOOF-tastic!

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You will need:


Wool tartan (or other fabric of your choice)


Glue or spraymount


dog template (find one on Google Images or another shape of your choice)

String to use to hang

hot glue gun

  1. Begin by glueing your fabric to your cardstock.
  2. Allow to dry completely.
  3. Download scotty dog images from Google Images.
  4. Place your templates onto your dried fabric covered cardstock.
  5. You can pin the templates into place with a pin
  6. Cut out your dogs
  7. Cut lengths of string to make loops to hang your ornaments with and hot glue them to the back of your ornament with a dab of glue.
  8. Hang and enjoy!


You can use this technique and make whatever shape of ornament you'd like!

Photography by Dana Gallagher

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