I just love the vintage photos inside of these cans and the shape is so unique!

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4 clean cans (these were crushed pineapple cans!)

Strong epoxy glue

Printouts of old images

  1. Start with 4 clean and dry cans.
  2. Trace around the bottom of the cans onto the images that you wish to put in each can.
  3. Cut out your images a little smaller than your outline so that they will fit inside the cans.
  4. Using a dab of glue fix each photo to the bottom inside of each can.
  5. Take two of your cans and glue them together with epoxy to create your base. Make sure you align your photos so they are oriented correctly.
  6. Allow your base cans to dry completely.
  7. Repeat the process with the remaining two cans, glueing them on top of your base one at a time and allowing them to dry completely.
  8. Display and enjoy!


Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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